LED TV repair Service in Ludhiana

LED Repair

Nowadays, it is a technological era and number of gadgets has become the important part of our life in which one is LED and LCD so if you have any problem bout these kinds of things you can contact us. We have knowledge regarding abundance of LED and LCD brands like LG, Samsung, Dell, Sony, Sharp, Panasonic, Philips, Vizio, Toshiba and other more brands. We provide good service to our customers at proper time and we give correct information to them about the problem of their led TV therefore we help them to save a lot of money.

Why should people hire us for repairing their led TV?

Because we take better responsibility as well as we give fully satisfaction to customer about their product so they do not worry .we take reasonable charges regarding the part which would be added by us in their led TV .we have fully 20 years experience regarding led and led TV. We can repair all kinds of things of led TV like panel, speakers, smart card, etc. So if you have any problem of led TV therefore you can contact us.

We provide 24 hours service to people in these areas. Such as Jhande, Threeka, BRS Nagar, Dad, Phullanwal, Aggar Nagar, Sarabha Nagar, Rishi Nagar, Jassian, Churpur, Salem Tabri, Jodhewal, Sherpur, Dhandari kalan, Shimla puri and so on.